About Me

I am a writer in Technology.

Yes, but that’s only part of the story. I function in that sweet spot where tech and media intersect, so you will also find that a considerable part of my work involves scripting and producing video content for brands. (If you think too hard about it, it’s basically film making, but let’s not get carried away.)

I’m also a UX-er — I’m interested in building products that people love, and that’s where my UX writing comes into the mix.

I’m actively involved in the developer/tech community in sub-Saharan Africa with forLoop Africa and Andela; shaping narratives and offering insights that reside in the blindspots for devs and the audiences that they build for.

My Superhero days are behind me. Now, I’m just trying to tell compelling stories while trying to overcome my baser instincts to try to fix the world.

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I consult for businesses and startups, too. For bookings and business, shoot me an email at solomon.osadolo@gmail.com.