Uncle of The Year

I woke up yesterday an uncle.

You’d think I’d have gotten used to that moniker by now with the pack of kids (mostly children of my cousins) who already address me as such. But nothing prepared me for this really. My brother and his wife made a baby.

And it’s a girl.

We didn’t have any sisters, me and my brothers. Only fitting that my parents’ first grandchild should be a girl. You should see my parents. Beaming doesn’t quite say it, but let’s go with that. There’s a new Osadolo and it’s a girl. Christmas has come early for us all.

Sorry, I’m not gonna succumb. I’m not posting any photos. You, people, put too much pressure on babies. They’re barely here and the next moment their pictures are all over the Web. It’s undignifying. Although I can tell you that my niece is lovely to behold, fair and beautiful (she didn’t have much of a choice really, considering the gene pool that produced her). But no pictures for now.

It still seems surreal yet. Maybe when she can talk and move about it’ll really sink in. In the meantime, I’ll let the old folks dote on her and revel in her awesomeness. But when she’s ready to move about and starts asking the important questions about the way of the world and whatnot, everyone will have to step aside. That’s uncle territory right there.

Glory to God for her safe arrival. Here’s to the next generation of the House of Osadolo. We await.