Last night marked an inflection point in what’s been my busiest start to a year ever. I was among 218 other graduates in my Quantic School of Business and Technology MBA Class of February 2024 to be conferred with an Executive Masters in Business Administration.

After spending most of my evenings and weekends in January working on my capstone dissertation and presentation, it’s time to wrap up the journey I’ve been on for the past 15 months. Happy times.

Coincidentally, yesterday also marked 3 years since my father went to be with the Lord. He would have been proud. I imagine he’s looking on now and saying “good for you, my boy.”

I embarked on this journey for 2 main reasons: to prove to myself that I could do it, after mulling it over in my head for a decade. My second reason aligns with why, I imagine, most people get MBAs — to get a formal business education and degree. I’ve been working professionally for 11 years now, built competencies in content, product, and UX, and I’ve done valuable work across multiple industries. It’s time to start growing deeper roots and reaching further into the ether.

My Quantic dashboard status update on graduation day.

If I could add another reason, it’d be because I want to push my UNIBEN degree as far down the stack as possible.

Some of my friends have asked if I’ll be going on to get a PhD. My answer is the same as the one before this Masters: I’m not keen on it. If the conditions are right, perhaps. It’d have to be fully funded, for starters. And it’d have to be my full time job for the duration, unlike it was for the MBA. I’m not keen on it, but you never know.

I’m relieved to be at the finish line. To have a new degree. Thank you to everyone who played a part to get me here. Special thanks to my capstone group members, Princely and Feji, for being excellent to work with.

I don’t know what comes next, but I’ll be ready when it does.

“There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait.”

— Lin-Manuel Miranda

All the glory to God.

This one’s for you, dad.